Our Vision of Future

The Algar Telecom operation has proved resilient in face of the instability in the domestic and international economies. The importance of connectivity as a means of making business, transactions, education, leisure and information possible has never been so evident at showing we were ready to supply the demand from our customers in this turbulent period, thanks to investments we had made in the past years into a solid network boasting great capillarity in the regions where we operate. Once the most turbulent period required for people to adapt to the new scenario, we can say that a new way of doing business, working and relating to people has been created in which telecommunication services have proved even more relevant.

In the B2B segment, where companies saw their data traffic requirements soar to enable online and remote operations, our focus for 2020 was on both connecting customers to the networks built over the course of 2018 and 2019 and intensifying our IT and communication service offerings, as reflected in security management solutions that allow teams at those companies to work from home and still access all corporate systems in a secured manner. For 2021, we are planning new network expansions to enable us to provide services to B2B customers in new locations within the regions we serve. And we are ready to do that expansion through acquisitions as well.

To support this expansion, we will continue our innovation programs, which enable us, through agile methodologies, to continuously renew our product and service portfolio. We want to consolidate the operation of our new Brain regional offices in São Paulo and Recife, focusing on sustainability and solutions for the industry, respectively, and to capture productivity gains by aligning the advantages of online and in-person activities. We also plan to internationalize Brain through a partnership we have entered into with IBI (Israel Brazil Innovation) and get closer to the innovation ecosystems of Portugal and Sweden.

For retail customers, to whom connectivity made not only remote work possible overnight, but also education, entertainment and information, we will continue gaining customers and furthering migration from broadband plans to optical fiber solutions, featuring high speeds and effective service. In 2020, we consolidated our franchise model, and we believe the potential is there for us to expand it to all of the geographies we serve.

Against this backdrop, adhering to digital tools and continuously seeking efficiency in operating processes proved to be the correct choices once again. Algar Telecom has kept a solid and consistent cash generation, even in an adverse economic situation. We are well-positioned to gain new markets and seize any strategic opportunities we may be presented with.

We are on the lookout for new waves of spread of COVID-19 cases, the ensuing toughening of social distancing measures in certain states and cities, and the advancement of the coronavirus vaccination campaign to assess any potential new adverse effects on the Brazilian economy and on our business in the marketplace.

At Algar Telecom, we remain confident about the future of our business and about society’s ability to overcome this challenging phase. We are prepared to overcome this period, and we will continue pursuing our purpose of serving our customers with quality and proximity, positioning us as their true partners.