Network reliability

GRI 103-2, 103-3, ‌SASB TC-TL-550a.1

Knowing that network stability and availability are essential to ensure business continuity and growth for our B2B customers and to provide a good experience for retail customers, we are continuously working to identify mechanisms that will make our networks even more resilient.

As part of our geographic expansion process, we have been constantly investing not only in coverage, but also to expand our networks’ capacities, resilience and robustness. We are investing in improvements to metropolitan networks, thus ensuring operational continuity if there are faults in primary or secondary networks. Additionally, through partnerships with other players in the sector, we are expanding our long-distance networks in terms of number of routes and capacity, ensuring network resilience and the best experience for our customers. We also made ongoing investments to replace the radio backbone with optical fiber. In retail, 76.8% of broadband accesses are now served by optical fiber, thus substantially improving the customer experience.

Our efforts have had their outcomes confirmed by monitoring customer experience and satisfaction indicators. For the mobile network, for instance, we monitor customer experience by using our Customer Experience Management (CEM) tool, which is based on artificial and cognitive intelligence, enabling us to target investments to suit customer needs, ensuring more assertive management and efficient use of capital.

Performance indicators and maintenance of network availability are monitored by our Quality Governance Committee, with the participation of representatives from the Executive Board and a multidisciplinary team of staff from the services, operation and engineering areas. The Committee meets weekly to favor quick decision-making and take any measures required.

Systemic risks

Algar Telecom’s network reliability may be seen in the systemic risk indicators shown below. In 2020, we altered the method used for these indicators to meet Anatel’s requirements. Therefore, we report data for this cycle individually and as of the next few years, we will be submitting historical data series.

Service/indicatorOutagesAverage outage time (hours)Average customers - outageAverage outages (day)
Data + broadband2,72413.43997
Mobile 90010.831,2352